Milestone moments: winning our first band competition

Every band remembers “the gig” that seemingly changes everything. For Madame Psychosis, the two Canadian indie band showcase gigs at The Revival Bar represented a validation of what we were doing, and resulted in a boost in confidence that continues to fuel us. After placing first in the Alive & Kicking band competition in October of 2016, we were invited back for another band battle in February of 2017 – and placed second. Here’s what each of the band members felt about the milestone moments at The Revival – but before that, enjoy this short clip of our first performance at Revival Bar.


We were new to the Toronto music scene. I thought that there was no way we were going to win. We’d take it, but I think it’s fair to say that none of us were looking at it as a band competition. We just saw it as a chance to play a show. It was super exciting. It was our biggest venue, there was a big crowd and it was Rene’s first show with us – and he killed it. He had only joined us two or three weeks before that! When we found out we won I was on cloud nine. It was like the planets aligned.

The second show started out with a few snags. A massive snowstorm forced a few of our friends to cancel and the first part of the show was riddled with technical issues. In hindsight it was a great test for the band: could we go with the flow and think on our feet? Well, I’d say we did a great job considering our second place finish.


I was in shock after we won. It was just incredible. There were a lot of good bands that we performed against, and it was just very validating. I just felt that we had something. The first one was amazing.

The second one we didn’t win, but I felt we had – despite the technical difficulties – a really solid show and really showed an improvement in the band. That was a great show as well. Both those shows really cemented that we have something.


So the first round was great because it was probably the biggest venue we played. Just that alone was really exciting. We had a lot of people come out. It was a big crowd. I felt really good about that one. It was comfortable and it was our first time playing with Rene as well. That was a lot of fun. He adds so much.

And the second round, there were a lot of technical difficulties so that was a bit frustrating, but I felt we were a lot more comfortable. We were all together. We all felt we were cohesive and loose. It was nice.


You want me to remember that far back? We’ve come so far. I felt positive about both of them. You know with the first one, the fact that we won I think it proved that we have some longevity in this business. And the second time it was just a lot of fun; I didn’t feel as much pressure the second time, even though you’d think we’d be under more pressure.

Because it was the final?

Right. I didn’t feel that much pressure. It felt really good coming out of it. Every time we perform I feel better.


The first night in October was extremely memorable because it was the first time I played with you guys. I remember being slightly nervous because it had been awhile since I played a show like that and been on stage. I remember being super excited afterwards. It was tight and all that and then super stoked when I found out we won.

The second show I felt loose and definitely more prepared because of us rehearsing and playing the songs for months, and having more of a cohesive chemistry to try out new songs and to go on the fly when you have technical issues and what not. I thought we played really well, like first place well.

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