Band member profile: drummer Jaina Tharakan

She’s one of the founding members of Toronto rock band Madame Psychosis and knows how to sport a slick pair of shades. This week’s profile is on the band’s mysterious and ultra-talented timekeeper Jaina “sticks” Tharakan.

 What are your biggest musical influences?

That’s a hard one because there are so many. From the 60s and 70s, probably The Beatles. Something more current probably the Black Keys and Alabama Shakes. I like their arrangements and it’s probably my favourite sound.

What is your favourite music video?

“November Rain” by the Guns and Roses, and it’s mostly due to Slash’s solo in the desert with no amp or anything. Plus the random cake jump during the raining scene. It’s so random but I love it.

What is your favourite album or song of all time?

Well, Rene and I were talking about this earlier that the Jeff Buckley Grace album is probably one of my favourite albums of all time. I can’t really pick a favourite it’s too hard because there are good and bad things about almost all albums that I like. I can’t just narrow it down to just one.

What is your musical guilty pleasure?

Rihanna. I feel a bit guilty about it.

What are you listening to right now?

So currently there’s The Internet, they’re really cool. Also, Syd from The Internet has a solo album so I have her on my phone. It’s a lot of R&B right now actually. I’ve got KING, and a lot of newer artists. I’m trying not to continue listening to old music, and develop my catalogue and hear some of the new stuff that’s going on.

If not drums, which instrument would you choose to play?

Bass obviously, even though I can kind of play. Definitely bass. I think it’s the whole rhythm section is my thing.

What was the first song you learned to play?

It was probably a Tegan and Sara song, but I don’t remember what the song was. I can’t remember the song name at least.

What was the moment you thought, “I want to do this”?

When I was playing the drums I never thought about actually playing in a band setting, it was more just to learn for myself just for fun. Then I started playing with Bret and our old singer and I think just at that point I realized, “ya this is something I could do”, on a full-time basis if that was possible, and I’ve never stopped since then.

What is your favourite Madame Psychosis song?

“New One” and “Just a Bitch Today”.

Photo credit: Tomas B Photography

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