A special thank you to our friends and family

It’s been an amazing year and a half for the band, and we wanted to take a moment to thank the people who have supported us every step of the way. From our first gig at The Silver Dollar to our biggest show at the Opera House; from shooting our first music video and winning a band competition to our album release at Junction City Music Hall and cracking Alan Cross’ weekly top 11 playlist – these milestone moments would not have been possible without you.


The band would like to call out a few people in particular (in alphabetical order):

  • Tomas B Photography – for taking fantastic photos of us during our Candle Recording studio session and Revival gig
  • Dan Burke – for booking our first-ever live gig at The Silver Dollar
  • Joao Carvalho and IndiePool – for mastering our album
  • Melissa C. and Alex F. from Rehearsal Factory – for always being easy to work with on practice nights
  • Alan Cross – for including ‘Space Motorcycle’ on your weekly top 11 playlist
  • Mark and Amadeus Frias – for your DJ services at our album release party
  • Alex Gamble – for recording our debut album
  • Mike Gruneir and Kickstand Sound – for always keeping us in mind when hosting shows in the city
  • Marcin Kaczor – for getting some great shots of us at our band photoshoot
  • Tara-Lee Novak – for suggesting the fateful jam session that helped MP come together
  • Claudio Paola – for taking so many incredible photos and videos of us at our gigs
  • Mariana Versiani – for your great action shots from our Union Sound Company studio session
  • Lynsey Walker – for setting up and shooting our first music video 
  • Candle Recording and Union Sound Company – for allowing us to record our debut album in your incredible studios
  • The Production Studio – for giving us a great space to shoot our first video


To all of the wonderful venues who have hosted us over the past two years, including: The Silver Dollar Room, Smiling Buddha, The Cavern, The Central, Revival Bar, Junction City Music Hall, Supermarket, Hard Luck Bar and The Opera House.

Lastly, thank you to all of our friends and family who have come to our shows. You have shown your continuous support by cheering us on, singing along, dancing and showing us so much love. Many of you show up for almost every single gig, despite having to drive in from out of town or having to find a babysitter. Words can’t explain how we feel about this. Simply, thank you.

One love,



Photo credit: @marcingoodboy

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