Lights, camera action! Madame Psychosis shoots a music video

In between the live gigs, practices and recording sessions, we agreed that a music video was needed to help promote Madame Psychosis’ upcoming debut album. So the morning after our second place finish in the final round of the Alive and Kicking band competition, we thought it would be a great idea to haul all of our gear to a strange part Toronto full of warehouses and storage facilities to shoot the video.


Rene explaining his awesome storyboards before the shoot

We eventually found ourselves at The Production Studio, where everyone played a critical role in producing the video. Rene put together the storyboards, Bret brought his laptop and gear, Michelle showed up with a battery-powered speaker system, Jaina brought lighting equipment, and Gio, well, he contributed by bringing a 40 pack of Timbits. We had a blast shooting the video. We even created a short “making of” compilation between takes (thanks to Michelle for putting this together):

A special shout out goes out to Bret’s wife, Lynsey, who we cannot thank enough for shooting the video and putting up with our antics all day long in a cold garage. She did an awesome job and you’ll hopefully agree once we release it.

Once we wrapped up, the multi-talented Bret took over and edited the video. And you thought he was just a pretty face.

Though we would love to tell you more, we’re going to keep the video – and the song we chose as our first single – a secret. For now, check out our gallery of photos from the video shoot.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Stay tuned for the premiere of our music video, which you will be able to watch on Madame Psychosis Live. Be sure to follow our blog to receive the latest updates.

Much love,


p.s. Rene’s storyboards got a little more straightforward after a while 😉

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