The making of a debut album (part I)

We wrapped up our first recording session for our debut album. We didn’t know what to expect, as it was the first time many of us were in a professional recording studio. However, we were feeling confident coming off the heels of a big win at the Alive and Kicking band competition just a few weeks ago at Revival Bar.  We settled in quickly and got down to the business at hand: recording the songs we’ve been working on for months. We felt like we were officially entering the Toronto music scene.


Madame Psychosis looking menacing at Candle Recording.

We decided to record at Candle Recording on the west end of Toronto, a popular spot for Canadian indie bands. That’s where we met Alex Gamble, the in-house producer and recording engineer. He was simply awesome, offering suggestions and advice to help us improve a few of our songs – and we listened. We had a very productive session, recording seven songs and feeling great about how they sound. We don’t want to reveal too much right now so instead we’ll give you a taste of Jaina’s delicious drumming on “Space Motorcycle”.

We were so wrapped up in the whole process that we managed to go the entire day without a single beer – we won’t make that mistake again! Though it may not sound like a big deal, this was particularly hard for a group of people that takes turns bringing beer to Friday night band practices at Rehearsal Factory. It would have also helped after listening to take after take after take. Still, we had a blast and couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Here’s a gallery of how the day went:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Special thanks goes out to Tomas B Photography for capturing some cool pics.

Now begins the waiting game, as the songs need to be mixed. We still have a few more songs to finish and record in the New Year, but overall we’re off to a great start with our debut album! We’re excited for you to hear it – once its ready of course 😉

Thanks for all of your support in 2016.


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