Woohoo! MP selected to perform at The Bout Music Festival

You heard it here first folks. Madame Psychosis was chosen to perform at The Bout Music Festival & Competition, which will be held at the iconic Toronto rock venue The Hideout. Side note: we’re totally stoked to play this awesome venue!

This annual music festival brings together talented local musicians to showcase their music, and aims to generate support and awareness for live music in Toronto.

When is it?

Band showcases will run on Friday and Saturday nights from January 18th 2019 to April 27th 2019. Madame Psychosis will take the stage on Friday, March 22nd at 11:30pm. Full details here – be sure to RSVP!

The Bout Logo

Festival logo…we think it’s cool

A panel of judges will pick the top six bands to go through to the finals for a chance to win $20,000 in cash prizes (first place gets $12,000!), in addition to $5,000 in managed funds sponsored by The Herve Basset Foundation, and recording time with Trouble Town Records.

So come on out and support the great talent that this city has to offer!


See you at The Bout,


Photo credit: Claudio Paola


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