Here it is! Madame Psychosis’ new “non-stop energy ride”, “Kapow”

The band is super excited to introduce “Kapow”, the follow-up single to “Crashing Down”, from our upcoming sophomore album. Nashville-based East of 8th calls the song a non-stop energy ride shooting out of the gate with a driving drumbeat, a thunderous guitar riff, and an anthemic lyrical delivery.” It is referred to as an infectious earworm in Spill Magazine’s exclusive premiere of the song.


“Kapow” is now available at the following streaming sites – just click on your preferred service and you’ll be sent right to the song. If you’re a Spotify user, please be sure to follow us! Enjoy!


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About the Single

Madame Psychosis is welcoming the warm weather with the release of “Kapow”, an electric new single off of the band’s upcoming sophomore album. With a catchy sing-along chorus and a gritty, fast-paced progression, “Kapow” is an anthemic, feel-good slice of alt-pop fitting for hot days in the sun and long drives with car windows rolled down.

“’Kapow’ highlights the pursuit that lies at the heart of getting someone you’re interested in to give you a chance, and the heart-dropping moment of being rejected. This song is easily one of our favourites to perform live with its high-energy vibe. We wanted to create a fun summer song that people could sing along to and we believe we pulled it off.” – MP

See the official release for full details.

TV Appearances

The band will be performing “Kapow” during Music Friday on CHCH Morning Live on Friday, August 9th, and during Global’s The Morning Show on Monday, September 23rd. Be sure to mark your calendars and tune in!

Song Credits:

  • Lyrics by Michelle Mondesir
  • Music by Bret McCaffrey, Michelle Mondesir, Jaina Tharakan, Rene Ip and Giovanni Paola
  • Recorded by Alex Gamble
  • Mixed by Alex Gamble
  • Mastered by LANDR
  • Distributed by LANDR
  • Artwork by Bret McCaffrey

The song was recorded at Union Sound Company in Toronto on February 3rd, 2019, and released on July 8th, 2019.

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