MP ready to rock the stage with Skye Wallace

We’re thrilled to share that we’ll be opening for the incredible “guitar-slinging road-warrior” Skye Wallace at Lee’s Palace in Toronto on Saturday, November 26th. And this isn’t just any gig – it’s her album release. We want to thank Skye Wallace for inviting us to support her on the Terribly Good Tour. We’ll also be joined by Jackie, an awesome three-piece that just released a new EP.

Now, this is probably going to be our last show of the year so come party with us. We’ll play a few tracks from our debut album, Madame Psychosis, and our follow-up, Survivor, but we are mostly excited to play a handful of new songs that we’ve been working over the course of the pandemic. More news to come here, hint, hint.

So, buy your tickets for what’s going to be an epic night at a iconic venue with some great bands. We can’t wait to see you.

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