Members of MP to perform at Voices in Unity Queer POC artist showcase

Michelle and Jaina will be performing a couple of Madame Psychosis songs in support of the Voices in Unity queer POC artist showcase and fundraiser, which is set for Saturday, June 27th.

In honor of the Black Trans Lives Matter movement, all funds raised from this event will go to the For the Gworls Rent and Gender-Affirming Surgery Fund. For the Gworls is a collective based in New York who help raise money for Black trans women and non-binary youth.

Special thanks goes out to Alexi Rabadam, organizer of Voices in Unity, and Finessed Media, Inc. for the opportunity. We will be joined by other incredible artists, including Maya the Drag Queen, DJ Dameluz and Madame Ghandi.

Voices in Unity will be live streamed on Zoom from 7pm to 8:30pm ET. Space is limited so be sure to RSVP and get your tickets!

Happy PRIDE!


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