Madame Psychosis’ favourite songs of 2019

It’s that time of year when everyone starts looking back, recalling highlights, milestones, memories and of course their favourite songs. There seems to be a ‘best of’ list for everything when a year draws to a close so we decided to jump on the bandwagon and create our own list: Madame Psychosis’ favourite songs of 2019. You can listen to the playlist on Spotify, Google Play and Apple Music – in the meantime, here’s what each band member picked and why.

Rene Ip

‘Alibi’ by Big Wreck

“I’d love to sit down and get a guitar lesson from Ian Thornley. Solid melodies and killer guitar tones.”

‘Lo/Hi’ by The Black Keys

“Classic Keys: straightforward riff, solid chorus and crunchy guitar tones.”

‘Darlin’ One’ by The Replacements

“Remixed to how the original should have sounded – The Mats’ channeling their inner U2.”

‘Green is Blue’ by Neil Young and Crazy Horse

“A soft, melodic and piano driven Crazy Horse tune… a surprising, but welcome contrast to their signature guitar driven jams.”

Madame Psychosis performs at the Horseshoe Tavern

Rene channeling his inner rock star

Gio Paola

Dream. Sleep. by Laveda

“I’ve had this track on repeat since it first came out. The vocal melody is money, especially in pre-chorus and chorus. The bass and guitar work throughout the song make it big and infectious. Shoegaze dream pop at its best.”

‘when the party’s over’ by Billie Eilish

“Everything about this song is A+. Her delicate voice, haunting lyrics, pretty piano melody and poignant message work incredibly well together. What does it say when a 17 year old singer strikes a chord with a guy pushing 40? She’s doing something right.”

‘Florence’ by Subshine

“The guitar riff in this track is pure gold as is the driving bass throughout the song. This track sounds a lot like the War on Drugs, with the seamless layering of sounds and instruments. I can’t get enough of it.”

‘When Am I Gonna Lose You’ by Local Natives

“One of my favourite bands period. This song is perfect from beginning to end, but what I love most are the visuals painted by the lyrics in the bridge (starting at 2:45), and the general theme of the song: not being able to enjoy the moment and knowing something good will end.”


Gio mid-take

Jaina Tharakan

‘I Want You Around’ by Snoh Aalegra

“Her voice is so smooth and she has this old school R&B/Soul vibe that I love. This song is my slow jam of the year.”

‘It Ain’t Easier’ by Yola

“This song has soulful, country feels that pulls at the heartstrings. It’s also produced by Dan Auerbach from The Black Keys and everything he touches is gold.”

‘Look At Me Now’ by Emily King

“This song has a little bit of everything that I love. Soul, harmonies for days and a sick guitar solo. Plus, it’s about jealousy and that desire for an ex to see how much better you’ve been without them and I love that shit.”

‘Stay High’ by Brittany Howard

“This song is so feel good and has that one-of-a-kind Brittany Howard flare that’s infectious. It’s the perfect cruising song that I had on repeat all summer.”

Jaina of Madame Psychosis at Union Sound

Jaina putting down some beats

Bret McCaffrey

‘Lebanon’ by J.S. Ondara

“Timeless sound with beautiful and emotional vocals; familiar and unique at the same time.”

‘Hard Luck’ by White Reaper

“Fun, guitar driven rock with an infectious chorus.”

‘Magnetic Moves’ by Katie Toupin

“Really cool pop song with a catchy melody and great instrumentals.”

‘Lover’ by Taylor Swift

“Really sexy and cool pop song.”

Bret of Madame Psychosis at Union Sound

Bret in the middle of a take

Michelle Mondesir

‘Where’s The Catch’ by James Blake featuring André 3000

“I like this as a wind down song after work. It’s deep lyricism and chill vibe is perfect for that. I enjoy James’ perfectly haunting vibes and as always André brings his style to make it a well rounded chill vibe.”

‘Toast’ by Koffee

“Summertime vibes with a positive message about being thankful for what you have without being boastful.”

‘Boasty’ by Wiley, Stefflon Don, Sean Paul; featuring Idris Alba

“This has been my it’s the weekend  and I want to break free and have some fun song. It’s a great and feel-good dance track and I love everyone’s delivery of their parts.”

‘Say So’ by PJ Morton featuring Jojo

“This song is so soulful and relaxing. It’s the perfect song for R&B/soul lovers. The vocal delivery and musicianship in this song is quite beautiful.”

Madame Psychosis performs at the Horseshoe Tavern

Michelle hitting a high note at the Horseshoe Tavern

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