Here it is! Madame Psychosis release new album “Survivor”

After two years of writing and recording, the band is thrilled to release Survivor, the follow-up record to our self-titled debut album from 2017. In their review of the sophomore album, RX Music says, “The band have raised the stakes…The band sound better than ever, with memorable hooks that rewards repeated listens, and an elevated chemistry fans will appreciate.”


“Survivor” is now available at the following streaming sites – just click on your preferred service and you’ll be sent right to the song. If you’re a Spotify user, please be sure to follow us! Enjoy!


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About the Album

Survivor is composed of 11 tracks that musically and thematically capture the ebb and flow of our daily existence. “We’re all just trying to survive the obstacles that life throws at us,” says the quintet’s singer and lyricist Michelle Mondesir. “Survivor speaks to the human condition, weather it is life’s highs or its lows.”

The new record comes to life by moving between upbeat, guitar-driven rockers, such as “Kapow” and “Just Wanna Be Myself”, and darker, more melodic pieces such as “Don’t Care” and “White Roses”, where piano takes center stage. While songs vary in tone, they all come back to our inherent ability – and need – to survive. There is a song for everyone, resulting in a relatable experience for listeners.

See the official release for full details.

TV Appearance

The band performed their latest single from Survivor, “Kapow”, on Global’s The Morning Show on September 25th, 2019. Here’s the full performance:

Album Credits:

  • Lyrics by Michelle Mondesir
  • Music by Bret McCaffrey, Michelle Mondesir, Jaina Tharakan, Rene Ip and Giovanni Paola
  • Recorded by Alex Gamble
  • Mixed by Alex Gamble
  • Mastered by LANDR
  • Distributed by LANDR
  • Artwork by Bret McCaffrey

The album was recorded at Union Sound Company in Toronto between July 2018 and on May 2019, and released on September 20th, 2019. Piano and organ recorded at The Hive in Toronto in July 2019.

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