Tune in! Preview of MP’s new album “Survivor” on 94.9 The Rock

Looking forward to hearing our new album Survivor? Well, we’re excited to tell you that 94.9 The Rock will be previewing their favourite tracks from the album during the week of September 16th. That’s right, you’ll hear new songs from the album nightly at 8pm EDT leading up to the album release show at The Hideout on Friday, September 20th. You can tune in live at 94.9FM or stream online.

A big thanks to Lee Eckley for once again partnering with us and featuring the band on 94.9 The Rock. Lee picked a series of songs from our self-titled debut album for Generation Next in May of 2018, so we can’t thank him enough for this opportunity.

Speaking of Survivor, if you haven’t done so already, remember to purchase your tickets to the album release show. The band will be performing the new record its entirety. We’ll also throw in a few covers and our favourites from our debut album. It’s going to be a great night so come on out! Get your tickets here:


Stay tuned for more info on the album release.

We hope to see you there!


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