Every month we will post a new playlist on Spotify and Apple Music based on a theme we choose. We’re doing this to give you a little more insight into what we’re listening to and to introduce you to great artists. If you like what you’re hearing be sure to follow the playlist. Oh, and while you’re at it, be sure to follow Madame Psychosis on Spotify!


Photo credit: Claudio Paola

Songs for the Weekend

February 2019

The weekend is short. Make the most of it with this selection of ear candy picked by each band member. Pre-drink? dinner party? We’ve got you covered!

Songs for the Weekend on Apple Music

Stuck in 2018

January 2019

Our first playlist is based on the band’s most listened to songs in 2018. It has a little bit of everything! From hip hop and R&B to rock and indie, it’s eclectic and fun.